Monday, 28 February 2011

A day with the ASX

Here's a review of the Mitsubishi ASX I wrote in May 2010.

So this weekend I was given the keys to the new ASX. The car I drove was a pre production version complete with German number plates and dead flies on the bonnet! Power came from the new Mitsubishi 1.8 MIVEC diesel engine with a six speed manual gearbox and two wheel drive.

So first impressions, step inside the car and you can tell some time has been spent on the quality of the interior. You hear a nice firm thud when you close the door and you feel you are in safe hands. This version was based on the entry level ASX2 so did not feature the keyless entry and start / stop engine button.

We left our Head Office in Cirencester and went to the local supermarket. It was surprisingly spacious in the boot with plenty of room for the weekend shop. With the shopping out the way we went to make the most of the sunshine and what turned out to be the hottest day of the year.

Heading off to some lakes around the area we noticed how surprisingly quiet the diesel engine is. It is not until you open the windows can you hear the sound of the turbo whistling away. Through the mid range there is plenty of torque so it’s quite easy to cruise around in the higher gears and the steering was very easy and light. We then arrived at some packed lakes and had plenty of staring eyes from the onlookers. Struggling to find somewhere to park we eventually found a quiet spot near the Cotswold village of Cerney Wick.

Parked up we had many people asking us about the ASX. The starting price of £14,999 had generated lots of interest. The usual questions such as ‘what is the fuel consumption like?’ which averaged around 45mpg. Pretty impressive, the Auto Stop & Go system definitely helped out there. ‘How much room is there in the back?’ was soon answered when I opened the rear doors and the passers by sat inside with a smile on their faces!

On the drive back to Cirencester I couldn’t help but think if the full production version is equal to or better than this one then it will be a great car.

We had a great day cruising in the ASX with a bit of sunbathing thrown in too. To sum up the ASX, I’ve already made up my mind and I know what my next company car will be! The hardest decision I will have to make is what colour to order. Roll on July!