Thursday, 17 March 2011

Can Google Circles cut the mustard as the leading social network?

There have been many social networks over the past 10 years or so. Only a few still remain big players in the game. I remember creating a Friends Reunited account shortly after leaving school. Think I used it a few times before getting bored.

Then came along Bebo, seemed good, you could upload your photos and tell your friends what you were up to, but it was full of school kids. Bebo soon got ousted by Myspace.

Myspace was a revolution. You could interact with your favourite music artists and easily keep up to date with new releases. It could be customised to however you wanted but was very fidly with writing HTML coding.

When Facebook arrived many like myself were unsure. Seemed very simplistic, but it was this simple approach to interact, upload photos and stay in touch with your friends that made it so popular. Now over half the population on the UK are on Facebook and many like myself use it daily. Facebook has over 600 million users.

Twitter was launched and is great for keeping up with the latest news but less than 20% of registered users actually use it regularly. There are over 200 million registered accounts.

Google launched Buzz last year but it was flawed with horrendous privacy settings that would link you to all your gmail contacts no matter who they were. Sounds like they were a bit desperate to try and kick start the project. Needless to say it failed miserably. Google also have a fairly unknown social network called Orkut but it is only used in a few Countries.

2011 sees Google's new attempt at a social network and it's called Circles. Google are keeping very coy about what Circles will offer but I will be very surprised if it comes anywhere near as popular as Facebook.

Watch this space.

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