Monday, 23 May 2011

An Evo update

It's been a couple of weeks now since I picked up the Evo. The miles have gone on and it's running well. The gearbox is slowly loosening up and the car is nearly due for its initial 1,000 mile oil change.

In the words of Charlie Sheen 'What's not to love'?

Well not a lot actually. Now the car has been run in you can certainly feel those 354 horses under the bonnet. The power delivery is immense and the car just wants to keep on going! Driving sensibly the MPG will easily hit the mid 20's but having fun I've seen it drop to around 12. The car has an unhealthy thirst for high octane petrol.

Dropping by my local Tesco today I went to fill up with their Momentum which at 99 octane is the Amstel of unleaded. Unfortunately they only had 2000 litres left so had to switch off the pumps. Yes at 2000 litres! So, knowing that there is a Shell garage down the road the back up plan of V-Power came to mind. It turns out this Shell garage must be one of the only few in the country that don't do V-Power petrol. So the Evo had to endure a regular dose of unleaded which is a bit like putting Carling into the petrol tank. The car is not going to like it as it's only supposed to run on 98+ octane but it will have to do. Lesson learnt I will keep it topped up on the good stuff.

I have also discovered that the Tracker works. I had two calls, two text messages and two voicemails from the company that track the car to tell me my car was on the move. Luckily I was driving the car both times. I'm grateful they are doing their job.

Put this aside I love the car. It has incredible grip, so easy to drive and will happily poodle around town in 5th gear.

The car also attracts a lot of attention. Not sure if I like it but it goes hand in hand with having it. Wherever I seem to go someone is staring at me, whether or not they think I'm a complete tosser or they have a genuine affection for the car only time will tell. All I know is I'm the one with the smile on my face driving down the road!

The journey continues...

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